Head Start provides...

Comprehensive services to support the mental, social, physical & emotional development of children from prenatal to five years old. Educational services are combined with child development screenings, medical/dental services assistance, special needs assistance, family support services, and parent involvement opportunities, all responsive to family ethnic and cultural heritage. Programs support positive parent-child relationships, family well-being and peer connections in the community. These services are at no cost to families who qualify.

Eligibility of Services:

  • Families must meet income guidelines or specializing criteria
  • Children must have a physical examination to participate
  • Families must be employed or live in Allegan County
  • Children of all abilities are accepted
  • Enrollment is prioritized based on need

Commitment of Participation:

Head Start Will:

  • Provide comprehensive education & nutrition services
  • Provide a supportive environment for children and families
  • Support a positive parent/child relationship

Parent Expectations:

  • Encourage their child with consistent attendance
  • Be involved and engaged in our program
  • Be a partner with us and our program


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We provide experiences to children in an educational setting using Creative Curriculum. Children are assessed 3 times per year and are provided healthy meals. We have indoor and outdoor learning environments centers located throughout Allegan County


Our parent-child focused home-based program provides weekly home visits supporting child development using ‘Parents as Teachers’ Curriculum, playgroups and other socialization opportunities, three children assessments a year and is available throughout Allegan County.


Bus Transportation may be available for students ages 3-5 years old. Children must ride in a car restraint/seat provided by Community Action while on the bus. Families have the option to self-transport their children as well.


During the 2016-17 school year we served 352 families.

of Head Start Students reached educational proficiency

children under the age of 5 in Allegan are living in poverty

Children Served

of Early Head Start Students reached educational proficiency

of children received dental screenings

students had a diagnosed disability and received additional supports

children received free transportation

received developmental screenings

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