History of Community Action Agencies

Poverty in the United States is a leading cause of human suffering of children and adults. The root cause of this social problem continues being studied by experts and great strides are being made. Meanwhile, however, individual people and families are in need right now. In an effort to assist suffering individuals and ultimately our society as a whole, Community Action of Allegan County exists on a local level for this purpose.

In 1964 the Economic Opportunity Act was formed with the mission of mobilizing financial resources of the nation to help combat poverty in our great country and was amended in 1967. The Act contained the designation of Community Action Agencies for counties in the U.S. On June 11, 1968, in Allegan County, the ACRDC (Allegan County Resource Development Committee, Inc.) was designated as the local Community Action Agency for Allegan County by the Allegan County Board of Supervisors, now known as the Allegan County Commissioners. The designation of a Community Action Agency affords entitlement for approved agencies across the nation, to receive federal funds to provide services to residents living in Allegan County.

The organization’s robust programs continue requiring funding from federal and state grants, local private citizens and companies, as well as from public resources. Community Action of Allegan is a private non-profit organization and is governed under their 501(C)(3) status, is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors who provide equal representation of the public, private and low-income sectors of Allegan County residents.

The year 2015 marks the 50th Anniversary of community support by Community Action of Allegan and their diligent efforts have made a large impact in the lives of thousands of people all across the large geographic county of Allegan. Its programs continue helping children, families, the elderly and pregnant mothers who may otherwise be in harm's way.

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