Celebrating National Community Action Month

Community Action Month was created by the national office of the Community Action Partnership to highlight the role of Community Action agencies helping low-income families achieve economic security.  It is also an opportunity to call attention to poverty related problems both on a national and local level, as well as showcase the various programs that we offer to assist those in need in our communities.

Celebrating Community Action month this past May, was a great way to get our staff out into the community and be involved in local joint effort opportunities, such as the Allegan County Wide cereal drive and the Allegan Credit Union Block party.

We also had a booth at the Downtown Farmer’s Market and participated in Decision Day at the ACATEC.  These events provided CAAC with opportunities to outreach to the community that we serve and share invaluable information with the public about our services, while enjoying comradery with one another.

Everything We Did to Celebrate Communtiy Action Month:

Allegan Farmers Market

Allegan Farmer’s Market- 5/17/18

It was exciting for me!  I was able to meet many shoppers that were interested in our Head Start, Boomer Bash, and Project Fresh programs.  I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the market and the home-town feeling of the vendors.  We even had some elementary students visiting us and other vendors while they made their trip down to Jaycee Park!  It was a fun time for everyone! -Sheryce K.

Decision Day ACATEC

Decision Day – 05/3/18

Nearly 600 Allegan County High School Juniors and Seniors attended the Decision Day event held at the ACATEC. This event allowed students and employers and post-secondary educators the opportunity to interact and discuss future opportunities for the students. CAAC/MCTI/and Allegan Community Federal Credit Union joined forces to promote the Dual Community Development Program by engaging attendees with hands on construction games with the prize being a trip to ACFCU Cash Vault. Students received information regarding the DCDP, the skilled trades industry in a manner that was fun and exciting. An estimated 200+ students were engaged in discussing the program, playing games, or cheering their class mates on to victory. – Christian D.

Allegan Block Party

Block Party – 05/19/18

For such a gloomy day what an event! The pace was fast and furious as CAAC engaged multiple individuals and families in providing agency and program information along with a great big dose of fun. Families loved the playing the “Community Action of Allegan County” grand prize game, inspired by the Bozo Show to win prizes including gift cards to a local stores and businesses. It is estimated that over 600 people joined CAAC and many other businesses and agencies for great day of fun, prizes, and community fellowship. – Christian D.

The Block Party was amazing.  We talked with families on every program we had.  The game was a huge hit and there was always a line of children and adults waiting to play.  For me it was nice to get out and interact with people who use or could use our programs.  Working in finance, that is not something I get to do often. -Jennifer K.

Allegan County Cereal Drive 2018

Cereal Drive- 5/3, 5/10, 5/17

The cereal drive was a great opportunity to partner with the Allegan County Food Collaborative, in a joint effort with other agencies to help combat food insecurity for children during the summer months by reaching out to the community to collect cereal donations.  We had a friendly competition with the United Way and were able to witness firsthand, the generosity of the Allegan residents. – Tracey M.


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