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CAAC Soliciting Proposals for Information Technology (IT) Services and Support for Agency Facilities and Staff

Community Action of Allegan County (agency) is seeking proposals from a qualified firm(s) to provide information technology (IT) services and support for agency facilities and staff. To be considered, four (4) copies (one with original signatures) of the proposal must be received in the Community Action of Allegan County offices at 323 Water Street, Allegan, Michigan, 49010, by 4:00 P.m., March 1, 2022.

Submission Procedure: Proposals conforming to the requirements must be received by CAAC by U.S. mail or personal drop-off no later than March 1, 2022 by 4:00pm.

View the RFP here for requirement information and full description of services needed.


RFP questions and answers:

Q: Under Services Required regarding location, what does “(2) Offsite Managed Security” mean?

A: CAAC has 2 offsite locations that have a Meraki Router/Security Appliance that needs to be maintained as needed.

Q: Under Services Required regarding the “Fiber optic connection to Internet from CAAC Administrative Offices”, are you expecting or requiring all bidders to supply this connection themselves or can this be contracted through a 3rd party such as AT&T or CTS?

A: CAAC has a connection for internet with a provider.  We are requesting any assistance if there is an issue with it connecting to the server or utilizing internet-based services inside our facilities, i.e. routers etc…

Q: Under Services Required regarding the “Manage Remotely hosted Exchange server with backups”, where is exchange currently hosted? Are you expecting bidders to host exchange for you or just manage exchange wherever it is currently hosted?

A: Our information is managed by our IT provider, but not hosted by them.

Raising Funds to Keep the Heat on in Allegan County- Walk4Warmth 2022

Living without heat is a dangerous reality for many Michigan residents facing utility shut-offs. Choosing between paying the heat bill and buying groceries is a choice no one should have to make. According to Michigan 2-1-1, utility assistance is the number one requested need (29.9%) from callers looking for community resources in Allegan County.

To combat utility shut-offs, Community Action of Allegan County (CAAC) will be holding a Walk4Warmth 5k Run/Walk on Saturday, March 26 from 9am-11am. The walk will take place at The LYNX Golf Course in Otsego.

Jim Szilagyi, Owner of the The Lynx, is proud to support CAAC and it’s clients, “We support a number of community events as part of our business and we are excited to host the Walk4Warmth.  There is a tremendous need in Allegan County and we are honored to contribute to this vital cause.”

Money raised from walker registration and sponsorship support will go directly to Community Action of Allegan County’s Utility Assistance Program. The program assists income eligible households by providing payment for metered and deliverable fuel bills in order to avert a household crisis.

“Everyone faces unexpected circumstances at some point; this program is a bridge through times of crisis when clients need support.  These funds help low-income, elderly and disabled residents keep their heat on throughout the winter,” said Chief Financial and Operating Officer, Brenda Molendyk regarding the program.

Registration options include:

$50 Adult (ages 13 and up) with shirt

$35 Adult (ages 13 and up) no shirt

$15 Children ages 5-12 (no shirt available)

Children under the age of 5 are free

To learn more about the event and REGISTER, visit

OR call (269) 673.5472 ext. 264. If you or someone you know is struggling with paying utility bills, please call CAAC today ext. 228 to see if you qualify for assistance.

Russ’ Fundraiser: view and print the voucher here!



How to Get Involved as a Head Start Parent

Why Should You Be Involved Parent? Tips from a former Head Start Policy Council Parent!

#1 For Your Child!

Being an active participant in your child’s school program increases their confidence. When students feel supported at home and school, they develop more positive attitudes about school, have more self-confidence, and place a higher priority on academic achievement.

#2 Improved Education Parent involvement can help improve the quality of our program.

Policy Council is a mandatory piece of the Early Head Start/Head Start Program. It gives parents the power and the platform to make choices about how the program benefits our children and future students educationally, financially, and administratively. Parent Committees keep you connected with your center and the families your child will know throughout their education.

#3 Build a Network

Meet a network of nice people who share your concerns, value your input, and advocate for issues that you are passionate about. We all share the common goal of creating a quality program and the best educational experience for our children and community.

#4 Gain Experience & Skills

Discover talents and abilities you never knew you had or build on your current skills. Being on Policy Council or participating in parent committees can look great on a job application.

#5 Set an Example

Education starts at home and parents are our children’s first and most important teacher. Children learn from what parents do and tend to follow in their example. Involvement in your child’s school shows our children that we value their education.

#6 Ensure Quality

Each vote matters! Being a part of Policy Council ensures that your voice is heard. Being involved in your classroom holds the program accountable.

#7 A Coffee or Lunch Date

Let it be a time to socialize with other parents. Most meetings have coffee or juice at the least. Some may provide a meal – what a great time to connect with other parents.

#8 It Counts!

Parent involvement within Head Start is very important! It is a requirement of our funding and program accountability.

#9 Help Plan Events

Policy Council and parent committee members have the opportunity to help plan events for staff and families.

#10 Early Childhood Education is Important

Many educational programs are being cut because of the current economy. High levels of parent participation show that our program is important and meaningful to the families that we serve.

How Do I Get Involved In Head Start? Tips from our Head Start staff!

1.) Attend our family engagement nights and socializations!

2.) Be a V.I.P. (Very Important Person!) in our classroom: reading to children, cutting out materials for a project, cleaning toys, helping with meal time or outdoor time, etc.

3.) Assist with our classroom field trips!

4.) Participate in home visits and conferences.

5.) Join our Policy Council!

6.) Complete homework activities brought home by your child.

7.) Share a special skill or hobby with your child’s classroom!

8.) Come to our Celebration of Learning in the classrooms after each unit of study!

9.) Assist at our main office located at 323 Water Street! Contact us at (269) 673-5472 for more information.

10.) Ask the teacher for projects you can complete at home.