Bus Request for Bids


The Community Action of Allegan County is requesting sealed bids for: ONE  2018 OR NEWER 30 PASSENGER SCHOOL BUS

Bids will be received at Community Action of Allegan County, 323 Water Street, Allegan, MI until 12 P.M. on Friday, June 15 2018, at which time the bidding process will be closed.

The bids will be presented to the Community Action of Allegan County Board as well as the Head Start Policy Council at the next meeting for consideration and any award. Notification of any award will be provided to the successful bidder only following board approval.

If you would like more information about this bid, please call Sarah See at 269-673-5472 ext. 235 or e-mail at ssee@communityactionallegan.org.

The Community Action of Allegan County Board, as well as the Head Start Policy Council, reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids; to waive technicalities or informalities, and to award the bid to other than the lowest bidder if cause can be documented, and in accordance with requirements.



Click here for a downloadable version. 


    • All bidders must use our form for submitting their bid.
    • All bids must be sealed and marked “SCHOOL BUS BID”.
    • Late bids will not be opened.
    • Bids will not include State SalesTax, Federal Excise Taxes or any other fee.
    • Records showing successful bidder(s) and prices quoted will be placed on file and may be examined upon request.
    • If the contract is awarded to someone other than lowest bidder, a note of explanation will appear in the bid file.
    • Use of trade names and numbers shall be interpreted as establishing a standard of quality and shall not be construed as limiting competition.
    • It is the responsibility of the vendor to secure a copy of the Michigan and Federal Minimum Specifications for School Buses.


Bids may be disqualified before the awarding of the contract for any of the following:

  • Failure to mark envelope as
  • Failure to sign the bid document.
  • Failure to include requested information or other details of the bid.
  • Excessive errors.
  • Failure to have an original signature on the bid form, a faxed copy is not acceptable.



  • The award will be made to the lowest responsible bidder(s) meeting specifications. It is not the policy of the Community Action of Allegan County Board or the Policy Council of Head Start to purchase solely on the basis of low bid only. Quality, conformity with specifications, purpose for which required, terms of delivery, past service and experience are among the factors that may be considered in determining the responsible
  • In the event the low bidder refuses to accept the entire requirements without deviation, the bid may be awarded to the next lowest
  • The Community Action of Allegan County Board or the Policy Council of Head Start reserves the right to have any chassis/body offered forbid inspected by their representative prior to the selection of that
  • The Community Action of Allegan County Board or the Policy Council of Head Startreserves the right to award separate contracts for each item, each product, or any combination of products, if the Board feels it is in the best interest of the Community Action of Allegan County Board or the Policy Council of Head Start System.


  • If other State or Local Funds become available, theBoard or Policy Council may elect to purchase additional chassis/bodies from this bid.
  • Bid prices should be good for 90 days. Effective date of bid will begin immediately after being awarded.
  • May be extended for two additional 90-day periods. The extension must have the mutual consent of the vendor and the Community Action of Allegan County.All terms and prices must remain the same.
  • Prices should include delivery to the Community Action of Allegan County located in Allegan, MI.


  • The original Purchase Order will be placed on or after July 16th, 2018 for:
    • One 2018 or newer 30 passenger bus chassis/body equipped with gas motor
  • Quantities are estimates only. Actual purchases may be more or less depending on funds available.
  • Delivery must be made within 90 days of receipt of purchaseorder.
    • The only exception to the extension of the contract date will be general strikes at the chassis/body plants and acts of God.
  • Before the order is placed, there will be a meeting with the successful vendor to make sure all specs are understood and
  • At the time the buses are delivered, the vendor(s) must supply a 4-wheel alignment data sheet for each bus.


  •  All warranties must be clearlystated.
  • Availability of service must be clearly stated along with service contract pricing. Service centers with timesand days of operation must be stated.  If road service is provided, it must benoted.


  • All bids must have attached printed specifications, showing a photograph or drawing of the item bid.
  • All Chassis must meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and the 2017 Minimum Michigan State Specifications for School Buses. It is the responsibility of the vendor to secure these specifications,


Community Action of Allegan County
Attn: Sarah See, Head Start Director
323 Water Street
Allegan, MI  49010

Click here for a downloadable version. 

Specifications for 30 Passenger School Bus 

30 Passenger School Bus Chassis

  1. Automatic Transmission–3 speed automatic transmission with auxiliary transmission oil cooler (Transmission will have five-year unlimited parts and labor warranty), Transmission fluid from factory for first fill.
  2. Tires shall be Goodyear, Michelin or Bridgestone. (wheels must be black)
  3. Engine, gasoline. Engine must be inline six cylinder with five year 100,000 mile minimum parts (including sensors) and labor warranty.
  4. Alternating headlights (must work with overhead flashers  and stop arm)
  5. Electronic governor to allow not more than 65 mph maximum. Speed must be adjustable by Community Action of Allegan County Bus Service personnel and repair contractors.
  6. Exhaust pipe must exit rear of bus
  7. Removable access panel for access to rear of engine
  8. Each chassis must be equipped with one spare tire, and wheel.
  9. Power disconnect located in battery compartment
  10. Minimum 320 amp alternator (Must be Delco, Bosch, or equal)
  11. Steering wheel: Tilting
  12. Chassis must be 2018 model year or newer.
  13. All units shall have front tow hooks

30 Passenger School Bus Body/Interior

  1. Body to be painted N.S.B.C yellow and lettered according to Michigan standards.
  2. Seating capacity for 30 passengers with seats certified to meet all applicable Michigan and Federal School Bus Standards
  3. One (1) seat belt per designated seating position anchored to seat frame. Connecting end of seat belts should not extend any further that two (2) inches from seat bite.
  4. All numbers and lettering to be completed before delivery.
  5. Padded seat rails, stanchions, and guardrails conforming to current State of Michigan and Federal Standards.
  6. 73”headroom with fiberglass insulation in roof and side panels.
  7. Stop arm and Crossing gate to be air operated
  8. Manual Entrance door control. Full school bus entrance door, both leaves folding out.
  9. Floor to be covered with smooth rubber under seats, over wheel housing and driver’s floorboard. Ribbed rubber aisle and entrance step.  Aluminum strips over seams.
  10. Guardrails at seat, floor window levels.
  11. Assist rail on both left and right, located in the passenger entryway.
  12. Intermittent wipers.
  13. Rear under seat heater and auxiliary defroster fan.
  14. Three (3) dome lights and split sash side windows.
  15. All glass in bus must comply with State of Michigan and Federal Standards
  16. Mirrors: Two (2) 8”x 12”  Two (2) left fender mounted and two (2) right fenders mounted eight (8”) convex safety-cross mirrors.  Interior: Two (2) 6´x 30´safety tempered glass.
  17. Safety equipment:State Police accepted fire extinguisher with sign, first aid kit and sign, seat belt cutter with sign, reverse beeper, flares and fuses, and emergency door safety lock with handle guard and buzzer.
  18. Lights: Eight (8) light warning system.  Marker lights on each corner front and rear. Stop, tail and license plate lights. Turn signal, two (2) 4”back up lights. One (1) step light operated by automatic door switch.  One (1) switch cabin light.  Three (3) passenger area dome lights.
  19. CD player with two (2) speakers.
  20. Body must be 2017 or newer

30 Passenger School Bus Options


Chassis warranty should be as follows and warranty certificates must be included with bid:

  • Engine – 5 years / 100,000 miles, must include electronic components and injectors
  • 10 years /200,000 miles (Major Components)
  • Bumper to bumper – 2 year unlimited mileage
  • Drive train – 4 years unlimited mileage
  • Transmission – 5 years I unlimited mileage, must include electronic components
  • Transmission warranty shall include Transmission Fluid at initial fill at factory.

Click here for a downloadable version. 

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