Our Mission

Community Action of Allegan County will serve, advocate, and engage individuals, families and communities to overcome the effects of poverty and encourage self-reliance.

Our Values


Continuous Improvement

Quality Service




CAAC carries out its mission through a variety of means including:

Community-wide needs assessments.

Comprehensive anti-poverty plans and strategies.

Provision of a broad range of direct services.

Mobilization of financial and non-financial resources.

Advocacy on behalf of low-income people.

Partnerships with other community-based organizations to overcome poverty and promote self sufficiency.

Goals FY15 – FY17

Goal 1: Services changed to improve impact. Adaptation of a participation Model supporting self-sufficiency. Wider variety of roles in the community beyond direct service. Modified program portfolio focused on impact and engendering support.

Goal 2: Operational infrastructure enhances efficiency & effectiveness. Healthy physical environment aligned with work processes. Investment in IT, Communication and other tools to improve work process.

Goal 3: Organizational Transformation. Team unified by a common purpose, agile in assuming a variety of roles and known for leadership, innovation and accountability.

Goal 4: Increased organizational support. Improved communication of our mission and services. Measurable results that demonstrate a return on investment. A reputation for careful stewardship and financial integrity.